The Running Through Life logo was created during a deployment in Afghanistan in 2013. The concept and motto were born from the tragedies on September 11, 2001 and cultivated over many years. Since then, I and many others have spent the last 20yrs deployed in the defense of this great nation. In those years, running has been a key mental health saving factor for many Soldiers.

Today, this motto and concept is deep within everyone who faces life’s challenges no matter how difficult. And the logo, proudly displayed on your favorite workout apparel, showcases that dedication and commitment.

We all make a choice everyday to either run life, or let life run us – choose wisely.

don't let life run you. run life.

Upcoming Events

5k & 10k Race – September 11, 2021 (Registration Open)

The Long Run – TBD


Find your pace

We’re all running through life at our own pace.

The Running Through Life (RTL) crew are firm believers that health and wellness are the keys to improving life, and we’re dedicated to helping others find ways to take back a little control so you can start running life! The RTL logo symbolizes that burning desire that we all have to get out and run at our own pace. Find your pace here!