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What should I feed my Cavalier King Charles Breed ESA Dog?



Taking good care of a dog’s feed is a constant worry of a dog owner, and when that dog is also your emotional support animal that feeling of worry is doubled. You want to give your animal companion the best possible food that is nutritious and healthy. One thing to note here is that not every breed of dog has similar nutritional needs. So, the feeding of each dog ESA letter for housing varies.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the feed of a very common ESA dog breed which is Cavalier King Charles. These dogs are adorable and are given this royal name to complement their beauty. They enjoy human company and thus make great emotional support animals. You can tell that they are one of the most affectionate dog breeds by their temperament. They are small in size and their most common characteristic is the constant wagging of a tail, which makes them even more adorable. If you have one of these dogs as your ESA then this article is for you.

Cavalier King Charles breed dogs normally have a healthy and furry outlook as their belly, chest, and tail is feathery which makes them so cuddly. In short, they are a fluff ball. However, they are highly susceptible to diseases and thus require a high-quality diet. The food that you’ll feed to your king is something that will decide its life span.


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Balanced Diet for Cavalier King Charles Breed Dogs

Commercially, there are quite a few brands that offer a high-quality balanced diet that is specially made for these small breed dogs. These packaged foods have nutritional elements that these dogs may need. For instance, your dog requires a feed that includes nutrition such as proteins, fats, minerals, and carbohydrates.

Things to Consider When Shopping Dog Food

An important thing to consider when shopping for food for your dog is to check the ingredients in each packaged food. You should avoid ingredients like corn, wheat gluten, rendered fats, and food dyes. Also, check from your vet if your dog is allergic to any ingredient and then strictly avoid giving him food that includes that ingredient. Don't show neglect in keeping a check and balance on your dog's food, as this little companion that you got through an ESA Letter deserves all the love and care. Show him what he deserves, so he can give back the double of that love.

Feeding your Dog

Don’t get fooled by the size of these dogs. They may be small but they eat a lot. They easily get hungry and are fast eaters, which sometimes causes bloating issues. But you should give him a calculated diet to not make him overweight. When your pup reaches 6 months, feed him 2 times daily. You can determine the daily caloric intake by his weight. For instance, if he is 15lbs then give him around 530 calories daily.

A trick to encourage slow eating habits in your dog is to give him hidden treats. The snuffle mat for dogs is the best way to do so. This will not only prevent bloating but is also a fun activity that your little pup will enjoy.

Best Type of Feed

Raw dog food on an everyday basis is the best food choice that you can make for your dog. As raw food is not cooked under high temperature so all the nutritious elements remain intact thus providing your dog a balanced diet. It also helps with food digestion and will prevent any stomach disease. In case your little fluff ball ingested something toxic or unhealthy then it will upset his immune system and he will show an overall irritating behavior, so for that, you should always consult a vet.

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