Life Lessons For Kids (pt1)

Teaching kids about exercise at a young age is extremely important. I’d argue more so now with the age of technology (and the rapid expansion of convenience….or laziness) and the continual rise of exercises’ antagonist, video games. When I was a kid my exercise was “outside” – Period. And I exercised from sun up until the streetlights came on at night. Today’s kids exercise their hands more than any other muscles in their developing bodies.  We want to help you change that.Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 9.07.29 AM

So the goal of Life Lessons for Kids is to develop a series of instructional videos and tips on how to get your kids off their electronics and make exercise something enjoyable to them. It can also help that mom or dad who may need a little push as well – get them out with the kids stretching, exercising, and playing; make it a family event and not only build a healthy mentality in your kids, but also build family bonds.

The first video in our series is produced by Ash Thomas and stars his two sons Eli and Dillon. Ash is a great instructor and has been teaching and coaching safe fundamental techniques to Olympic lifts for years. In this video, Ash breaks down the fundamentals of the overhead squat.

Let’s get our kids outside. Let’s instill within them the basic of healthy living and help them develop into fit and healthy adults. Don’t let life run you. Run life and teach your kids to do the same.

We are anxious to hear your thoughts.

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