Running Through Life Virtual 5k & 10k

The Running Through Life concept and logo was born from the tragedies of September 11, 2001. Since then, I and many others have spent the last 20yrs deployed in the defense of this great nation. In those years, running has been a key mental health saving factor for many. Today the RTL logo and motto are dedicated to everyone who faces life’s challenges head on.

With the upcoming September 11 2021 5k and 10k, we not only remember the 2,977 lives lost during the horrific attack on U.S. soil in 2001, but we also honor the men and women who have sacrificed the last 20 years to defend this great nation.
This virtual 5k/10k walk & run is designed to continue to motivate and push individuals to increase their fitness level while decreasing stress and enhancing mental resiliency. This is a run/walk at your pace event and all participants receive an RTL medal. Top finishers receive an additional medal (listed below).
We dedicated this event to you.

Race Categories

M/F Overall Winner

M/F 14yrs old & below

M/F 15-19yrs old

M/F 20-29yrs old

M/F 30-39yrs old

M/F 40-49yrs old

M/F 50-59yrs old

M/F 60yrs old & above

Top Male and Female Finishers from each category receives an additional medal